About us

2012 04 29

Švenčionys district Municipal Public Library was founded in 1944. Its funds contained 4000 exemplars of books which were read by 700 registered users. In 1977 the library was reorganized due to the establishment of a centralized network of libraries and as a result it became the Central Library having its branches in various villages. After the declaration of independence a new law of Libraries of the Republic of Lithuania was enacted and the Library retrieved its former name.
It has been used by 38 % of the population so far. The public library encompasses 22 branches: in Pabradė, Švenčionėliai and 19 village libraries.
Today the Public Library is the centre of information, culture and leisure. In 2002 a computer network was set up with access to the Internet. In 2007 the Public Library associated in the national project funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania “For the Advance of Libraries” which encourages the inhabitants to make use of information technologies.
The Library accumulates and registers all that has been or that is being written about certain places, and distributes comprehensive information about the region of Svencionys. Since 2008 it has started to spread the regional material on the Internet and as a result it joined the Vilnius district project “The Gates of Vilnija” (“Vilnijos vartai”)www.vilnijosvartai.lt